Bring 3D reality to your App

Core Tech

Simple and Easy Operation

Using HTML and Javascript as programming language, we provide a simple and easy way to use API. You can combine reality and your application easily without prior 3D technology background.

Online and High Efficiency

Altizure's 3D engine provides powerful system resources and optimization management, allowing you to browse large scale Altizure 3D data online.

Information Integration

You can integrate information from different sources with the 3D models to create domain specific application.

Cross Platform

No external plugin or proprietary software is needed to access our API. Compatible with all operating system like iOS / Android / windows / linux / macOS. All you need is a web browser.


With GraphQL as protocol, out API provides queries and mutations to Altizure's data and access to 3D reconstruction service.

Sandbox 3D SDK

The Javascript SDK provides rich and powerful 3D editing functions. You can spend less time on handling low level 3D interaction and more time on your business need.

Use Case

App Development

Altizure App for creating and sharing model

Historical Site Perservation

Historical site reconstruction and revitalization by Fangyu Zhangliang

Warehouse Management

3D visualization for warehouse management by Jiangsu Haohan

Chemical Plant Administration

Integrated administraion platform by Qingdao Jingwei Hui An Technology

Smart City

Visualization of demographic survey result by Shenzhen Gongkan

Cultural Education

Cloud sharing platform for cultural heritage by Okaygis

Insurance Claims

China Ping An Insurance property claims settlement

Civil Engineering

Soil estimation by Arplus Group

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